Welcome Professional Hearing Healthcare Patients!

We look forward to serving you

Call our office at (918) 209-5114.

Welcome Professional Hearing Healthcare Patients!

We look forward to serving you

Call our office at (918) 209-5114.

Dr. Nakiea Strecker Has Retired

Hearing Solution Centers is honored to be your new hearing health care provider!


Previously Dr. Nakiea Strecker, with Professional Hearing Healthcare took care of all your hearing needs. Dr. Strecker has retired from clinical practice and is endorsing Hearing Solution Centers for the continued care of her patients. She deliberately spent much time choosing the practice that would be best in caring for her patients.

We are thrilled that she trusts us to care for all your hearing needs, and we are excited to get to know you! We guarantee you will receive the same level of love and care as you did from Dr. Strecker and Professional Hearing Healthcare, with us at Hearing Solution Centers.

Where Are We Located?


All patient files and information are now located at Hearing Solution Centers. We are conveniently located in Tulsa at 5525 E 51st St between Yale and Sheridan, across from LaFortune Park.


Call (918) 209-5114 today!

Who is Hearing Solution Centers?

Scott Young, Au.D., CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology

Cathleen Simeo, Au.D., CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology

Linda Osborn

Front Office Specialist

Valerie O'Brien, RN, BSN

Physician Referral Coordinator

Wendy D. Young, MSN

Clinical Program Director
  • Hearing Solution Centers was started in 2005 in Tulsa by Dr. Scott Young. He attended University of Northern Colorado for his master’s degree in audiology, and then later Arizona School of Health for his Doctor of Audiology degree. Dr. Young is a published author as well as a singer. He wears hearing aids himself and knows the challenges of hearing loss.
  • In 2011 Dr. Cathleen Simeo joined the practice after completing her Doctor of Audiology degree at University of Kansas at Wichita.
  • Additional team members include Linda Osborn, our front-office specialist, who you will see first when you come to our office and who will likely answer the phone when you call us.
  • Valerie O’Brien, RN, is our part-time marketing nurse who teaches physicians and their staff about hearing loss and the value of our audiology practice.
  • Last, Wendy Young, RN, MSN, is Dr. Young’s wife, and she works part time with marketing strategies, office administration, and human resource.

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