AGXsp iphone app

Remote Control

With TruLink, you can easily change volume and switch memories on your Made for iPhone Hearing Aids. And because both volume and memories are adjusted using a visual indicator bar, you have better control and nearly infinite levels to suit your sound preferences precisely.


Sound Space

Easily adjust sound settings to specific environments using the feature called SoundSpace. By simply moving your finger on the screen, you can adjust sound quality then save it as a TruLink Memory. This means that no matter the environment, you can enjoy hearing just the way you like it.

Audio Streaming

Every experience is enhanced with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids. You will enjoy pristine audio streaming of music, videos, FaceTime®, Siri® or any media played through your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or iPod touch – for a sound that’s impressive and an experience that’s more immersive and personalized than ever before. Made for iPhone hearing aids process speech and music independently from one another to better the acoustics of listening to music and other sound. The TruLink app on Apple Watch can control volume and memories of Made for iPhone hearing aids when connected to iPhone and/or iPad.

Phone Calls

Enjoy carefree communication and great sound quality when you use your iPhone for calls. Answer calls with the touch of a finger, then hear the entire conversation streamed directly into your Made for iPhone Hearing Aid via Bluetooth technology.