Oticon Made For Iphone

More Connected Than Any Other Hearing Aid

With a customizable App allowing full streaming functionality and control over your listening environment, you are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime.

The BEYOND™ solution works with iPhones, iPads and iPod. You may also be using an optional Apple Watch but you don’t have to.

BEYONDTM Hearing Aid Updates

Every time you turn your BEYOND™ hearing aids on, the BEYOND™ app checks if the latest and greatest software is in the BEYOND™ hearing aids.

The BEYOND™ app automatically and wirelessly updates the software in the hearing aids.

It takes about one minute per hearing aids. You don’t have to do anything but tap OK on your iPhone.

Easy Adjustments

  • Adjust volume on two hearing aids individually
  • Choose between clarity of speech and comfort
  • Select directionality of microphones