Notice: Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for hearing aids.

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A one-of-a-kind process to help you and your loved ones communicate again

For patients in assisted living facilities and residential households who are physically unable to visit our office, Hearing Solution Centers provides a one-of-a-kind Home Care Hearing Program. The initial hearing care visit will be performed by a licensed hearing aid professional and will be billed directly to the patient for $100. Through the program, the patient will receive the following during the initial visit in the comfort of their home: hearing evaluation and recommendations, hearing device cleaning (if needed), hearing device programming (if needed), and hearing education.


Our Service to You

At Hearing Solution Centers, our goal is to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of life’s precious moments. That’s why we make every effort to listen to you and your particular concerns and needs.


Purchase of Hearing Devices

Hearing devices may be recommended and will be based on the patient’s current hearing needs, mobility issues, living situation, individual listening environments, and own preferences. Typically our Home Care Hearing patients need lower-end technology due to their quiet lifestyles. A hearing device purchase will include the fitting visit and one follow-up visit in the patient’s home for any adjustments needed, as well as a 30-day trial period.


The Process:

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    Call Steve Krumm, HIS, at (918) 633-4308

  2. Set a time

    Set a time for a hearing evaluation to be provided inside the comfort of your own home by our experienced Home Care hearing specialist, Steve Krumm.

  3. Decide

    Make a new commitment to begin to hear better.

  4. Let us take care of the rest

    We have several types of amplification strategies.



Our professionals have demonstrated their ability to map individual hearing requirements to complex product and technology choices in a simple, user-friendly, and efficient manner.

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