Dr. Scott Young is truly a modern-day Renaissance man. In addition to practicing audiology, Scott is a published author, writing short stories, poems, articles, and novels. He is also a musician and is in the process of recording a CD.

Shadows of a man by Scott Young

Shadows of a Man

Lieutenant James Carter is terrified of the position he suddenly has to assume to lead men into battle during the European campaigns of World War Two. At home, his beautiful finance, Geneva, is doing her part for the war effort as a nurse trainee but under a tyrant of a boss who hates her. James will learn more than he cares to know inside an old World War One bunker after being blown into it. Severely wounded and with ringing in his ears, different personalities seem to arise in his confused thoughts that cause him to question his faith, and his sanity, within the horrors of battle.

Shadows of a Man is available in paperback and as a Kindle download.

Our Secret Zombie Life

Our Secret Zombie Life

Why do people watch the worst of humanity in zombie games and movies? What attracts us to this genre, and is there something that has occurred in our culture to explain why people are drawn to this fictionalization of death? Are we going to see a zombie apocalypse, not just from popular views, but also from scientific evidence and technologies available to us today? And lastly, does the Bible have anything to say about zombies and death that can give us an idea of how we can respond to the Y and Z generations?

Our Secret Zombie Life gives a behind-the-scenes view for Christians who might consider watching zombie movies and think they are just fun. We even describe Biblical life-after-death experiences and what they really mean.

Professor in History by dr. scott young

Professor in History

Professor in History is centered around Matthew, an atheistic Professor in Archaeology and Ancient Studies. He steps out of his bathroom to meet people who challenge him to his core. His heart will not escape this journey. But will his intellect get in the way of his own pursuit for truth?

the violin's secret by dr. scott young

The Violin’s Secret

Scott has been a WWII researcher for decades, and 21 years of audiology practice has put him in contact with many Holocaust survivors. This inspired him to pen his first published work, The Violin’s Secret. It is a fiction novel centered around a young boy’s experience in the concentration camps.

Singing in the Mind_Book

Singing in the Mind: A Study of the Voice and Song

Singing in the Mind: A Study of the Voice and Song, Scott’s second book, is non-fiction and comes out of his singing/songwriting passion combined with years singing research.

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Scott is currently in the process of writing two additional books. One is a non-fiction work about the Greek and Hebrew definitions of words that are foundational to Christian beliefs. And the last book is a collaboration with Jeff Swanson Ministries regarding the End Times and the Millennial Reign of Christ.

For more information about Scott’s projects, check out DrScottYoung.com.